☀ Reason for Being

What the world would miss if we don’t do this.

Every body and mind refreshed.

We want to live in a world where every human has easy access to refreshing, regenerative practices —like sauna—that make you feel amazing, boost your health and fill your tanks with energy to put back into your life, your community and the world.

💡 Insights & Opportunities

Sauna demand is on the rise and current producers have low trust, so existing potential customers are under-served.

Untapped and growing group of sauna-curious.

So you’ve got rising demand, in a category with generally low quality/cx options at a time when consumers are showing increased preference for carefully composed experiences from front to back.

There’s an opportunity for Florens to lead at the intersection of this long proven recovery mode and a beautifully composed consumer experience the (growing) space has lacked.

🎯 Target

Who we’re trying to reach

We’re for wellbeing seekers.

People who are on the lookout for new ways to move the needle on their health and happiness.

Already in tune with the benefits of fitness and eating better (and likely doing one or both), these are folks looking to add new moves for recovery and refresh. Theirs are the ears that perk up with curiosity when the conversation turns to breathing routines, cold showers, mindfulness modes, and other new things to try. ("already plugged in", "at the forefront of wellbeing techniques")

Whether for fitness-focused recovery, therapeutic uses in response to an illness or condition, resetting body and mind for relaxation, building immune resilience or others… the goal is the same: finding additional health boosts that feel great and involve less work than things they’re already committed to.

They’re also still time crunched and accustomed to the superior direct to consumer experiences coming to all sorts of categories these days. So they’ve got a high expectation bar for brands they work with. They’ll make investments in their wellbeing, but the front to back customer experience had better be transparent, attentive and carefully tuned to fit into the rhythms and spaces of their life.